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Booking a car trip (including driver and guide) at Via Allegro is done in several steps. First, you send us a request for a particular holiday period and formula. We will then look at the possibilities and give you the necessary information about the destination and payment method.

Please pay your 30 % deposit within three business days after you have received our approval. As soon as we receive the deposit, we will send you a confirmation. From then on, your stay is fixed and you will receive all practical information.

Check below which formulas Via Allegro has to offer:

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Round trip with seven nights and breakfast.

Four people: € 650.00 p.p.
Five people: € 625.00 p.p.
Six people: € 600.00 p.p.

Round trip with seven nights and breakfast + dinner (half board).

Four people: € 800.00 p.p.
Five people: € 775.00 p.p.
Six people: € 750.00 p.p.


Round trip with seven nights in a private flat (excl. breakfast).


Four people: € 625.00 p.p.
Five people: on demand
Six people: on demand

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There is a diverse range of travel destinations you can choose from. You can, for instance, visit the following places:
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During your stay, you can choose to make certain stops. It is also possible to spend the night in places that are not included in the standard formulas.

If you want to plan excursions, please note that they are not included in the price. Give us a call and we will be happy to have a look at your personal preferences.

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